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Register your Interest for Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park was fun, while it lasted!

Over the last four weeks, Jem from Kingston Yoga has hosted our trial period of Yoga in the Park on Wednesday mornings at 7am. Whilst some people might think it too early, it’s been the most perfect time to enjoy some peace under the tree canopies while the day is quieter!

Those that have attended are eager for more sessions in the new year – if you’re interested for 2022, let us know so we can review our options.


  • It doesn't matter whether you've done it before or not, we'd love to bring a convenient and healthy experience to your work day. To help with our organisation, please tell us a little bit about your yoga experience.
  • This first round of yoga in the park will be held on Wednesday mornings (based on collective feedback), but in case of future activities, please let us know if you have interest in other days:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.